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What does First Defender do! How to steal the ball?

  Sometimes a player who has been robbed of the ball stops playing, saying, "Oh, that's it!" Even if the leader of youth soccer thinks, "If you take it, get it back !!", it doesn't easily penetrate the children. This switching between offense and defense is very important in soccer. It's hard for children to do coaching, saying, "Switch quickly!" Can not. I think the leader understands it, but does it reach the children? Let's put it into words and let the children understand. Soccer has four phases: " attack ", " defense ", " switching from offensive to defensive ", and " switching from defensive to offensive " . I will explain who goes to steal the ball from offensive to defensive and the phase of defensive, and how to steal it. Aggressive defense Especially in youth soccer, it is necessary to focus on " stealing the ball ". It is important to make it " natural "

What are the basic practice that football beginners do first?

  The level of children is of concern to parents who have children who are new to football. What should I do for my child? I am particularly worried if you have no football experience. Therefore, as an introductory part, we will introduce basic information of football to beginners. What are the three reasons why football requires basic practice? I will introduce the basic practice required for football beginners, but why do football beginners need basic practice? The reason is that it is important to improve individual skills in the upbringing age, rather than the result of winning or losing. No matter how many formations and tactics you decide to win in a football match, if you do not have the basics of football, they are nothing more than a picture of rice cake. In other words, the reason why basic practice in football is necessary is to acquire the skills to cope with the formation and tactics to win the game. In addition, the three important foundations in football are stop

10 most useful foods for Football Players

  When composing his or her diet, everyone strives to include the most useful food for health. However, for this you need to know at least superficially their composition and basic properties. To help you with this question, we have selected the TOP 10 best foods that scientists and nutritionists believe bring the maximum benefit to the body. 1.      Nuts Practically all kinds of nuts are consider useful, but ordinary walnuts hold the palm among them. They serve as a valuable source of ascorbic acid, B vitamins, iodine, vegetable protein, providing many positive effects on the body: ü   Normalization of the nervous system; ü   Stimulation of brain activity. ü   Improving memory and sleep quality. ü   Lowering the level of "bad" cholesterol. ü   Prevention of vascular and heart diseases. 2.      Green tea One of the recognized leaders in the top healthiest foods is aromatic green tea, which has strong antioxidant properties and slows down the aging process. I

History of Football

  This time, I would like to look back on the birth and history of "football (soccer)," which can be said to be the more major sport in the world. It is very important to know the history of the main sports in learning sports business and sports management. ·         Birth of football ~ Sports created by the elite ~ Football is said to have started as part of a class at a " public school " in London, England, where upper class children learn .   Public school is the name of an elite school that makes up the top 10% of UK private schools that educate children aged 13-18. Therefore, football is a sport that has spread from the elite. The first school that had football as a required subject was the school called "Harrow school". Harrow School is still famous as a prestigious public school in the United Kingdom and is also the school that produced the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In the mid-19th century, strenuous exercise became popul

Get the body you need for a football player!

  Here are some tips for getting the speed, stamina and power you need for modern football. If you want to be a good football player, you need to get stamina first. This is because professional football players run about 10km on average per game. However, simply increasing the vital capacity is not OK. Modern football has evolved dramatically, and there is a growing demand for a larger body, greater power, and greater explosive power than ever before. So this time, here are some tips for getting a body that can handle modern football. 1: Add stamina First, prepare a treadmill or open space where you can run. Interval training is not a traditional stamina enhancement method. Top-level players in the Premier League incorporate interval training to combine the fastest high-tempo dash with jogging to increase VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake: maximal oxygen uptake into the body during exercise). The more VO2 Max you have, the more stamina you will have and the longer you will be ab