6 Basic practice of Football


1.      Lifting

The effect of lifting

Lifting, which allows beginners such as kids to practice independently at home, can train the nervous system that links and coordinates the relationship between the eyes and the feet that actually move, and with that, where the ball hits the foot You can understand what you can control. In other words, lifting by kids and football beginners is effective in improving ball control ability and trap technology to stop the ball .

In addition, lifting always requires the correct posture, which leads to strengthening the core and body balance. If you train your core and body balance, you will have the advantage of being less likely to fall down even in a severe hit during a football match.

Lifting practice method

Lifting practice can be very difficult for beginners in football. Well, what are the lifting tips? But to be honest, there is no knack for lifting. The reason is, what is lifting? Where does the ball hit your foot and where does it fly? How much does the ball fly when you hit it against your foot? Because it is to capture. In other words, the more you do at home, the more you can do it, and the more you do it, the less you can do it.

You can practice at home with a lifting ball, and if the house is not good, you can practice in a small space in front of your house.

2.      Trap practice

Effect of trap practice

For beginners in football, trap practice is effective in improving the technique of stopping the ball from allies and controlling the ball well as you wish. To be honest, it seems easy and difficult for kids and football beginners to stop the ball.

First of all, on the bank or vacant lot near your home, how fast is the ball approaching you and how quickly does it reach your feet? Or how long does the float reach you? Where do you actually use your foot to stop the ball by training your ability to grasp the space? Let us be able to determine whether it is the head or the chest.

How to practice traps

This practice method to improve the trap is a trap practice menu that even beginners of football can practice independently on the bank or vacant lot near their home. First, raise the ball by yourself and trap it using various parts of the foot according to the falling ball. The trap is better than just stopping the ball, but allowing it to move as quickly as possible to the next action.

Therefore, if you can trap the inside and outside of the foot as well as the instep, you can leave the opponent's defense in an instant. This is a practice menu that you should definitely incorporate as an individual practice menu for football beginners that can be done by yourself.

3.      Ball touch

Effect of ball touch

Ball touch, which is a basic technique that we want kids who are new to football to acquire, has the effect of improving their ball control ability. Ball touch is a technology that keeps the ball on your feet. To put it simply, Messi is not robbed of the ball because he has excellent ball touch ability.

If the ball does not come off the foot, the opponent's defense cannot put out the foot, so it is difficult for the ball to be stolen. Even if you are a beginner in football now, for children in the kid’s age who are expected to grow steadily in the future, by practicing and improving the ball touch from the beginners, you will grow further to each stage. It can be said that this is a technology that affects the width.

4.      Ladder

The effect of the ladder

Ladder training, which is recommended for individual practice menus that even beginners of football, can practice independently in front of or at home, works on the nervous system of the brain and legs, and even complicated steps can be done accurately and quickly. By training so that the power is firmly transmitted to the ground, it is effective for momentary movement and step work when dribbling.

In addition, football beginners can acquire the correct running posture for kids by waving their arms firmly in ladder training, and by performing complicated step work from the kids' age, even during football games. Various movements and switching between offense and defense will be quick. The ladder that can be done by one person at home is a practice menu that contains many elements that make football good.

Ladder practice method

Ladder training is an individual practice menu that makes step work that even beginners of football can do by themselves at home. Even if you do not have a ladder, if you have one long string, you can use it as a line training by yourself at home, just like the ladder training method. What football beginners want to be aware of when conducting ladder training is not only quickness, but also accurate training?

5.      Marker dribble

Effect of marker dribbling

The effect of marker dribbling for beginners in football is an improvement in dribbling skills . It can be said that this is a practice that we would like you to incorporate into the dribbling individual practice menu that is necessary for carrying the ball. Kids, who are new to football, can dribble straight, but they can't easily turn.

Marker dribble practice method

Even if you are a beginner in football, you can practice marker dribbling by yourself, but keep the ball in your feet and practice while controlling the ball in small steps. With a rough ball touch, which is common for beginners, it is difficult to pass between markers. Change direction with a fine ball touch with the best possible rhythm.

6.      Kick practice

Instep kick

The basis for beginners to kick the ball is an instep kick. An instep kick is a kick that hits the ball around the instep, and is the strongest and most impactful kick of all types, so it is often used for shooting. When practicing to improve the instep kick that can be done by one person, it is important to first check for yourself where to hit the ball on the instep to get a powerful kick.

Inside kick

The inside kick is a kick that uses the inside of the foot and is the most controllable of the various kick types, so it is generally used mainly for passing. Therefore, it can be said that it is a basic skill that is necessary for football beginners. With an inside kick, you can perform an accurate inside kick by pointing the toe of the foot to the target that gives the pass and kicking like a pendulum while pointing the inside of the kick foot toward the ball.


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