8 popular recommended books for football

It is important to have someone teach you to play football, but if you do not have someone to teach you or if you want to make effective use of your free time, studying on your own is also an option. In that case, you will have to read relevant books and accumulate knowledge, so you need to choose a solid book. Find out what kind of book you want, and find a book that you can use effectively by holding down the points.

Points on how to choose a football book

There are three main points in choosing a football book.

ü  Choose a book where you can learn the rules

ü  Choose a book where you can learn basic techniques

ü  Choose a book where you can learn how to train

Choose a book where you can learn the rules

Whether you are new to the game or experienced, there are some rules that you may not know. You can concentrate on playing by learning in advance, rather than knowing if this was a bad thing after you got the foul. Therefore, it is important to choose one that has the rules.

Choose a book where you can learn basic techniques

No matter what, you can't improve your skills without basic techniques. It is important to learn the basic techniques to support a wide range of play. Also, in that case, it will be easier to understand if it is explained with pictures and illustrations.

Choose a book where you can learn how to train

Football is a sport that runs around a wide ground and requires instantaneous power and endurance. If you don't train well, you won't be able to train efficiently and you'll waste time. To avoid this, it is important to have a training method that is effective and effective.

8 Recommended Football Books

1.     A book that makes it easy to understand football tactics

ü  Explain the basic elements of football tactics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner

ü  A page structure that does not get boring with abundant illustrations and plates

ü  Recommended for a wide range of readers, from elementary school students to fathers and mothers, teachers and coaches

No matter how strong an individual is, it is a sport that is played as a group, so the whole thing must be organized. Tactics are important for that, and you can learn them well in this book. Recommended when you want to improve your team strength.

2.     If you read it, you will get better. Introduction to football

ü  The definitive football introductory book taught by the coach who led the U-12 world's best team

ü  Explains the basic "kick", "control", "dribble", and "heading" techniques

ü  An easy-to-understand explanation with a manga at the beginning of each part

It's the perfect introduction for kids who want to get started and get better. The basic technology, kick control dribble heading, is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. There are manga and photos, so it's easy to get familiar with.

3.     How to prepare "mind", "skill" and "body" to mass-produce football goals

ü  How to train "mind = mental & thinking" "skill = technique" "body = physical" and grow a "pointer"

ü  Players suffering from lack of determination, team leaders, must-read

ü  Goal equation taught by J top scorer

Technology and physical strength are important, but just as important is mental strength. It is recommended because it introduces not only training methods but also thinking methods.

4.     Junior Football Coaching A collection of practice menus that kids can do alone

ü  Comes with a DVD so you can read, watch and learn

ü  A collection of practice menus that children can "at home" and "alone"

Practice is not always possible in groups, and you may have to practice alone. There is a menu that you can practice by yourself, and it comes with a DVD so you can have fun.

5.     99% dribble theory

The logic to overtake the opponent and the technique that can practice it are written

ü  Hot topic in various media including YouTube

ü  Thorough analysis of the dribbling of top-notch players such as Messi, C. Ronaldo, and Neymar from a unique perspective

ü  As a dribble designer, the author who teaches dribbling to many professional players and children introduces the theory and technique to overtake the opponent.

There are many contents for advanced users, but even beginners can enjoy it. This book is recommended for people in a wide range of categories.

6.     Junior Football Coaching Kids Training

ü  U-6 / U-8 / U-10 For infants to elementary school students

ü  Private football lesson (with special DVD)

ü  Acquire passes, feints, and accurate first touches that can be used in games

It has a high absorption capacity among children, so if you teach it properly, it will absorb it well. The basics of football are important, but to do so, you must train properly. It has a training menu, so it is recommended for small children.

7.     Easy-to-remember football rule book

ü  Explains football rules with easy-to-understand illustrations

ü  Also explained about 8-player football for elementary school students

ü  At the end of the book is a football glossary

There is no point in any sport without knowing the rules. Whether you play football or watch a game, remember the rules and enjoy yourself.

8.     Make an outstanding performance in the game! Tips for improving football defenders 50

ü  Commentary for those who aim to improve the skills and tactics of defenders

ü  50 tips on techniques to learn

ü  Introducing the points to fight as the key to the final stage with photos and illustrations in an easy-to-understand manner

The key to the game is how well you defend when you are attacked. It is important to improve even more in order to reduce the number of runs and lead to victory.


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