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When a continuous and relatively weak force is applied to the muscles, the body fat stored in the body is burned and used as an energy source. Oxygen is required as a combustion material. If you continue for 20 minutes or more, fat burning will occur effectively.

·         Three points to burn fat efficiently with "aerobic exercise"

"Aerobic exercise" that is effective in reducing body fat. You want to reduce body fat as efficiently as possible, right? To do this, you need to do aerobic exercise based on the "three points".

So, this time, I will tell you three points for those who want to burn fat efficiently by aerobic exercise.

Increase fat burning efficiency just by holding down "3 points"!

When doing aerobic exercise for the purpose of reducing body fat, it is necessary to take the following three points into consideration.

·        Exercise intensity

These three are the points to keep in mind in order to burn fat efficiently with aerobic exercise.

·        Point 1: Exercise intensity

Why aerobic exercise doesn't reduce body fat

Did you try to reduce your body fat with enough exercise intensity to make your breath sway?

Certainly, if you do it with exercise intensity that disturbs your breathing, you will lose weight. However, in reality, the fat burning effect is weak. This is because exercise that is so intense that breathing is disturbed is anaerobic exercise rather than aerobic exercise .

When the exercise intensity is such that you can't breathe, oxygen is not delivered to your body and energy is supplied, resulting in anaerobic exercise. In anaerobic exercise, carbohydrates are mainly used as energy, so it does not lead to fat burning.

·        Exercise intensity suitable for fat burning

Anaerobic exercise is an exercise in which energy is supplied without oxygen in the body, whereas aerobic exercise is an exercise in which energy is supplied with oxygen in the body. Therefore, the exercise intensity will be low.

The optimal exercise intensity for fat burning in aerobic exercise is said to be 50-60% of maximal oxygen uptake. However, even if you say "50-60% of your maximal oxygen uptake", it doesn't come to your mind. Therefore, we use exercise intensity that is set based on the awareness of RPE.

The exercise intensity suitable for burning fat, which is 50 to 60% of the maximum oxygen uptake in RPE, is the exercise intensity that you feel is "slightly hard" and "slightly hard but can be continued" .

·        Point 2: Event

Aerobic exercise is also important for reducing body fat. This is the second point.

"Low intensity and long-lasting exercise" is a condition for aerobic exercise. Exercises that meet this requirement include walking, jogging, running, swimming, exercise bikes, and stepping up and down.

On the other hand, exercises such as running 100 meters or repeating jumps on the spot are not aerobic exercises because they are so intense that they cannot be continued for a long time. These are anaerobic exercises.

·        Aerobic exercise suitable for fat burning

As I mentioned earlier, exercise intensity that feels "slightly tough" and "slightly tough but can be continued" is suitable for fat burning.

When it comes to running and jogging, it's easy to over-pace, so walking and exercise bikes are recommended over running and jogging as aerobic exercises that are suitable for the purpose of reducing body fat .

·        Point 3: Timing

To reduce body fat with aerobic exercise, you need to do something like walking at an exercise intensity that feels "a little tough but you can continue." However, this alone is still not enough to burn fat efficiently! The timing of aerobic exercise is also important.

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that this timing has a great influence on fat burning efficiency!

·        Timing to do aerobic exercise that reduces fat burning efficiency

If you do aerobic exercise before muscle training, you can say that fat burning efficiency will decrease! During aerobic exercise, lipase, a lipolytic enzyme, breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which have a strong lipolytic effect and suppress the secretion of growth hormone. Because it is said.

Then, when it comes to when to do aerobic exercise to improve fat burning efficiency, it is said that it is best immediately after muscle training . This is because it is the timing when fat begins to be decomposed immediately after muscle training. If you do aerobic exercise at that timing, the decomposed fat will be used as energy. Therefore, if you do aerobic exercise immediately after muscle training, you can expect a sufficient fat burning effect even in about 10 minutes.

Also, if you do muscle training before aerobic exercise, growth hormone is also secreted, so the lipolytic action will last for a long time.

There are also "rules" to reduce body fat with aerobic exercise!

This time, for those who want to burn fat efficiently with aerobic exercise, I have introduced three points. Let's review again.

In order to effectively reduce body fat by aerobic exercise, "exercise intensity", "event" and "timing" are important, and something that can be continued for a long time such as walking is "slightly hard". , Do it immediately after muscle training.

There are rules for everything, but there are also "rules" for reducing body fat with aerobic exercise. Based on these "three rules", you should be able to reduce body fat without making a detour!


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