Coaching points to improve in Football


In football, there are various coaching and voice calls to solve problems, but what are the commonalities and differences between the following words?

1.      Kick firmly!

2.      Player a on the right side is free, but did you see it?

3.      What should I do with my body orientation and first touch?

4.      Who should I pass to get closer to the opponent's goal?

5.      If player b is marked, player c will be free.

First, what they have in common is the coaching / calling (swearing?) That can occur when a mistake occurs in one of the aspects described below. The difference is that (1) is limited to the result of the "execution" part, while (2) to (5) are trying to promote improvement by coaching and speaking with a focus on "cognition" and "judgment" .

The process of "cognitive and judgment and execution" to understand the, execution of part "properly carried out" as well as coaching for, cognition and judgment with a focus on "the right thing perform" for the coaching also wearing problem solving

Cognitive / judgment / execution process

Football actions include a process of "cognition, judgment, and execution," which is often done without consciousness. Recognition to the understanding, evaluation and prediction will include elements such as, but based on the information of the workshops of the German Football Association situational awareness and prediction was organized into.

1.      Grasp the situation ( grasp the position of the ball, player, goal, etc. by the sensory organs)

2.      Prediction ( Predict the next possible development from the information obtained)

3.      Judgment (select an action from the options)

4.      Execute ( execute selected judgment using technique physical)

Situation grasp (cognition)

This process begins with cognition (situational understanding) to collect information . By seeing with your own eyes (visual), listening to the voices of allies and footsteps of opponents (hearing), and touching opponents (tactile sense), you can get information about the ball, goal, position of allies and opponents, etc. Collect as. Then, the collected information is finally processed (understood and evaluated) by the brain to grasp the situation.

In football, it is said that more than 90% of information gathering is done visually . This means that positioning and body orientation that can secure a field of vision are important in order to collect necessary information and accurately grasp the situation . As the level goes up, the game develops faster and the situation changes in an instant, so it is also necessary to constantly read the changes by shaking the head diligently while the ball is moving .

Prediction (cognition)

If we can grasp the situation quickly and accurately based on the obtained information, it will be possible to predict the future development of "what will happen next" and "what can be done next" . If you can predict the development, you will be able to act better than your opponent in space and time, and sometimes you will have more choices .

For example, if you are defensive, you can read the opponent's vertical pass and intercept it, and if you are attacking, you can give a one-touch pass that is difficult for the defender to respond to instead of thinking after stopping the ball. If you cannot predict the next development by the time you receive the ball, you will lose the option of one-touch play, and you will be limited to the options you make after stopping the ball.


Based on the situation and forecasts, several options are created to make a "what to do next" decision . In other words, you will decide from the choices you got by watching, but if you can not see it correctly, there is a high possibility that the choices will be limited or you will not be able to have the right choice in the first place. ..

For example, if you are attacking, you may not be able to see the supporting allies and you may reduce your pass course yourself, or if you are defensive, you may become a ball watcher and you may not be able to mark your opponent. Can be mentioned.

"The ability to choose the best option in one aspect" is called game intelligence or football IQ . It can be said that athletes with high abilities can make cognition (situation grasping / prediction) and judgment quickly and accurately.

Also, the time it takes for each person to decide on an option and block other information varies . For example, when a forward-type player decides to shoot in the penalty area, he blocks other information earlier than the midfield player and concentrates on executing the options . On the contrary, it is said that midfield type players can continue to take in surrounding information without immediately blocking it , change their judgment and execute it even in a short time unit .


Execution at the end of the process refers to technical means such as ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting , or physical means such as sprinting and jumping . These qualities of means affect the success or failure of an action.

For example, even if you know the pass course, you cannot send the ball to your allies if you have low pass skills. Even if the ball arrives, if you miss the control, you will lose the ball. Also, if your speed and jumping power are superior to your opponent, you are more likely to shake off your opponent in a one-on-one situation or win in aerial combat.


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