What are the basic practice that football beginners do first?


The level of children is of concern to parents who have children who are new to football. What should I do for my child? I am particularly worried if you have no football experience. Therefore, as an introductory part, we will introduce basic information of football to beginners.

What are the three reasons why football requires basic practice?

I will introduce the basic practice required for football beginners, but why do football beginners need basic practice? The reason is that it is important to improve individual skills in the upbringing age, rather than the result of winning or losing.

No matter how many formations and tactics you decide to win in a football match, if you do not have the basics of football, they are nothing more than a picture of rice cake. In other words, the reason why basic practice in football is necessary is to acquire the skills to cope with the formation and tactics to win the game.

In addition, the three important foundations in football are stopping the ball, carrying the ball, and kicking the ball.

Stop the ball

One of the important foundations in youth football, stopping the ball is, as the word says, the technique of stopping the rolling ball, or stopping the floating ball, that is, controlling the ball as you wish. If you cannot stop the pass from your allies, you will not be able to dribble, pass to your allies, or hit a shot.

In addition, if you cannot control loose balls such as floats and second balls as you like, you will never be my ball. In this way, the basic technique of stopping the ball is always required for beginners to wear it first.

Carry the ball

One of the important foundations for beginners in youth football, carrying the ball means dribbling the ball you are holding close to your opponent's goal. Even if you hold the ball yourself, you cannot hit a shot unless you dribble and bring it close to the opponent's goal.

At this time, in boys' football etc., instead of dribbling, kicking the ball in front will bring you closer to the opponent's goal. Isn't that easier and faster than going dribbling? Some players have the idea, but there is a danger that this will easily become the opponent's ball. Therefore, it is important for beginners in the upbringing age, such as youth football, to practice based on dribbling.

Kick the ball

One of the important foundations for youth football beginners, kicking the ball means passing or shooting to a teammate. Even if you can stop the ball and dribble it to the vicinity of the opponent's goal, you will not score unless you hit the shot firmly.

In addition, if the ball cannot be pass to a teammate accurately, the pass will not be connect. Therefore, it is a very important basic technique for beginners to kick so that they can adjust the force exactly where they aim.

What you need to do in the football upbringing age

It is important to enjoy football anyway during the introductory period such as youth football, but it is necessary to convey the basic practice firmly as a basic practice. It is also important to make people aware of the importance of stopping, carrying, and kicking the ball while enjoying football freely. Football is a very difficult sport because it is a sport where you handle the ball with your feet, not your hands.

It may be easy to control the ball freely with your hands, but it is very difficult to handle with your feet. In the world of sports, the development of the nervous system, which refers to the acquisition of skills, agility, coordination ability, etc., is said to reach almost 100% by the age of 12. In other words, it is desirable to acquire basic skills during this growing age.

What football beginners should not do?

What a beginner in youth football should not do is to get into the victorious supremacy without mastering the basic skills. It tends to be seen in many boys' football games, and despite being too particular about winning, the players are fixed in one position and the ball they hold is kicked forward anyway, even though the basic skills of football are almost impossible.

You may be able to win in the early years of training, but as the category goes up, players can only handle certain positions, and even if they hold the ball, they have basic skills. Because there is no, you cannot keep the ball and you will not be able to enter team play. This is something that beginners in football should never do.

Summary of basic practice that football beginners do first

So far, I have introduced the practice that you can improve by yourself. There are three basic skills that football beginners should acquire first: stopping the ball, carrying the ball, and kicking the ball. This basic technique is required not only for beginners but also for junior high school, high school, and the professional world, so by learning it from the beginner's kids and the boys' soccer age in the lower grades of elementary school, It is said that it will have a great impact on the subsequent growth.


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