What is the role of a football goalkeeper?


Only this goalkeeper can use his hands during a match in soccer, but what kind of role does the goalkeeper play ?

This time, I will explain the role required of such a goalkeeper and the unique rules that apply only to the goalkeeper players!

The goalkeeper is the "last fort"! Has an important role in defense! ??

Even in cases other than throw-in, the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball by hand within the penalty area.

The play area is basically in front of the goal of your team, and the main role is to protect the goal from the opponent player using your hands and the whole body .

"Positioning" is important for goalkeepers .

A soccer goal is not only wide but also very tall, so whether or not you can stop the shot depends not only on your reflexes and motor nerves, but also on your standing position.

A goalkeeper who can instantly judge the appropriate positioning by looking at the position of the ball, the position of the enemy player in front of the goal, the number of allies, etc. is considered to be a player with a high ability as a goalkeeper with few goals. I will.

It also has the role of following the ally defense, such as the reaction when the ally defense is backed up and the enemy player passes through the pass.

The goalkeeper is actually the command tower! ?? What is the unexpected role required of players! ??

When you think of a goalkeeper, you can think of a flashy saving that directly catches the opponent's shot, but in addition to such direct contributions, the goalkeeper has an indirect role.

That is to give instructions to your team .

Since the goalkeeper can see the field from the backmost position on the field, he can grasp the movements of both the teammate and the opponent.

Therefore, if you notice a change in the situation, you need to give instructions to your teammates in a loud voice.

Information is given to allies over offense and defense, such as pointing out the defensive position of allies and the bias of the number of people when attacking.

When you're watching a soccer game, you often see a goalkeeper screaming, but in reality, he gave instructions to his teammates.

In addition, it also serves as a starting point for attacks, providing an accurate pass to allies immediately after catching the ball or in the event of a goal kick .

Explain the soccer rules that apply only to goalkeepers!

ü  Some rules apply only to keeper players, as goalkeepers are the only players on the field to be allowed to play with their hands.

ü  Do not touch the ball again after it has been released and before it has been touched by another player.

ü  The goalkeeper must not hold the ball for more than 6 seconds after catching the ball.

Until the 2000s, the rule was "4 steps" (the holding time is 4 seconds, and you must not walk more than 4 steps while holding the ball in your hand), but it was revised.

ü  Goalkeeper should not be touched with the hand the path that has been kicked intentionally from the players of the same team.

Therefore, even if the pass is from an ally, it will not be a foul if you receive it with your foot.

Also, if the pass from your ally is not intentional, receiving it by hand does not violate the rules.

ü  Do not directly receive the throw-in ball from your allies.

ü  Since the goalkeeper can handle the ball by hand, he can hold it securely without being picked up by the opponent.

That is why various rules are created for situations where you can handle the ball by hand.


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